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Click on the links below for archived articles on industrial phase-transfer catalysis from 1994 to 2007.

The following is an archive of articles published by PTC Organics, Inc. on industrial phase-transfer catalysis over the last two decades. These timeless publications illustrate how you can use PTC to achieve low cost, high performance green chemistry in industrial processes. To leverage our PTC expertise to help improve your process contact us.

*Please note, the email addresses and physical addresses listed in the articles are no longer valid. To get into contact with us click here

  1. Strong Base – Strong Savings: Replace Expensive Hazardous Strong Bases with PTC and Sodium Hydroxide – This is the most widely used benefit of PTC in industry
  2. Increase Plant Profits through Retrofit using Phase-Transfer Catalysis – Retrofit of existing production process with PTC is the most underutilized benefit of industrial phase-transfer catalysis that can save many millions of $€¥£CHF and save jobs in a plant near you. This article was written in 1995 and is still underutilized!!! Huge savings are waiting for people just like you to identify the opportunities and make them happen!
  3. Achieving Competitive Advantage using Phase-Transfer Catalysis for Generic Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals – It’s no surprise that the leaders in generic pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals all use phase-transfer catalysis. After all, they MUST be the lowest cost producers.
  4. Achieving Effective Separation of the Phase-Transfer Catalyst from the Product – Distribution behavior of quats between organic solvents and aqueous phases is boring. BUT, if you are in charge of making sure that there is no residual phase-transfer catalyst in your product, you must read this article.
  5. Pollution Prevention using Phase-Transfer Catalysis – Today we call it green chemistry or process intensification. No matter what you call it, PTC increases profit while minimizing waste.
  6. Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysis – This article describes the history of chiral PTC from the 1970’s to 2003.
  7. Reduce Excess Reactants using Phase-Transfer Catalysis – This is often the easiest way to increase profit in existing manufacturing processes as well as reducing cost of new processes in development. The achievements are extremely impressive.
  8. Avoid Over-Agitation in Industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis Applications – It is natural to want to agitate 2-phase systems as much as possible. However, if you are working with water-sensitive compounds, don’t over-agitate…you will waste money on raw materials by non-catalyzed interfacial hydrolysis. Let the phase-transfer catalyst do the hard work…you don’t need to react the reactants at the interface!
  9. Top 10 Opportunities using Phase-Transfer Catalysis – This is a thought-provoking article that just might help you identify opportunities to save money for your company.
  10. The 60-Second PTC Test – This is the ultimate way to identify process improvement and profit opportunities using phase-transfer catalysis.
  11. 5 Reasons that Companies Miss Process Improvement and Profit Opportunities using Phase-Transfer Catalysis – This is the most frustrating article ever written about industrial phase-transfer catalysis. If you are a manager in the chemical industry, this article will explain why you haven’t added huge profit to your bottom line, so you have the power to change the culture and add all that profit to where it belongs.
  12. Top 10 Patents in Industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis – written in 1997, these patents still teach a lot about how to convert the fundamentals of PTC into profit.
  13. Overview of Industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis – This overview was written in the late-90’s and even though a lot of great new PTC technology has been developed and commercialized, the concepts continue to be valid.
  14. How I Fell in Love at First Sight with Phase-Transfer Catalysis – This is reflective, historical emotional and humorous article about Marc Halpern’s first experience with phase-transfer catalysis in the summer of 1976. This article has almost no technical value but is entertaining.

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