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PTC Organics, Inc. is the only company dedicated exclusively to developing and commercializing low-cost high-performance green chemistry processes for the manufacture of organic chemicals using phase-transfer catalysis.

If your company manufactures organic chemicals, there is a high probability that your company can benefit right now from improved processes and higher profit by integrating PTC Organics’ highly specialized expertise in industrial PTC with your current process development and plant support programs for:

  • route selection
  • new process development
  • retrofit of existing non-PTC processes with PTC
  • optimization of existing PTC processes

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Founded in 1999 by Dr. Marc Halpern, PTC Organics integrates the underlying theoretical fundamentals of phase-transfer catalysis with the commercial needs of the organic chemical industry to create value resulting in lower cost manufacturing, higher quality products, improved environmental performance and enhanced safety.

PTC Organics and its founder Dr. Marc Halpern, have leveraged their highly specialized expertise in industrial phase-transfer catalysis to help companies save more than $200 million in the areas of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, monomers, polymers, flavors & fragrances, petrochemicals, dyes & pigments, solvents, surfactants, high energy materials and a variety of commodity, specialty and fine organic chemicals.

PTC Organics has provided PTC process development services under secrecy agreement for more than 100 commercial process development projects and phase-transfer catalysis training services at more than 260 process R&D departments.

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PTC Organics excels in developing new processes and improving existing processes for reactions in more than 30 reaction categories within the broad scope of:

  • strong base reactions (most using NaOH instead of NaOMe, KOBu, NaNH2, NaH, etc.)
  • nucleophilic substitutions
  • oxidations
  • reductions

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